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Designer and premium composite decks, made from new generation material that respects the environment and offers durable decking and easy long-term maintenance: The co-extruded composite wood was designed to correct the defects of the wood but also wood cmposite, actually claissque composite wood has many advantages but with some vulnerability as the UV decolarization is especially the very persistent stains (noticing the greasy stains like oil, sunscreens, food , bird droppings) what the co-extruded composite wood corrects with its protective layer 360 ° 2 available colors: Antique gray and exotic teak: Dimension: 2700 mm x 140 mm x 23 mm Aspect: One side imitation wood grain, one side smooth finish. Composite wood (2/3 wood and 1/3 polymer). Without splinters. Resistant to shocks and bending. Durable, rotproof.Sure, slip resistant.Great and comfortable..Ecological and recyclable.Do not hold fat. Easy maintenance


Color Avaible
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